TAR " Wit Chanprasert "

Tar is the young man who has been working with coffee farmers in Saw-Eh for a long time. The village is located in Maetuen, Omkoi, Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. You could expect for 8 hours drive from Chiang Mai city to pay a visit. We have been working with School Coffee ( an outstanding Thai coffee brand and a member of Friends Trade ) to empower this community and ensuring for the quality of their produce.

               Coffee trees is part of agroforestry in Saw-Eh village
     Saw-Eh village is located at elevation of 1150-1250 meters above sea level where is occurring the perfect temperature and moisture are for a coffee cultivation. They are various of varietal coffees appearing in this area and we found some old varieties has been cultivating for over 30 years as well. The community has been protecting coffee in their territory as part of forest reservation and therefore, Tar is working with farmers to enhance a coffee quality under the brand of SOFT Coffee.         Coffee cherries are drying on drying patio at Soft Coffee processing station.
            SOFT Coffee was found by Tar to present an outstanding quality of coffee in Saw-Eh village and the encourage the community to improve their sustainable living through coffee cultivation. The quality of coffee from this community has been recognizing throughout specialty coffee industry in Thailand and that shown the hard work of coffee farmers who have been investing their skill and knowledge to deliver only a good coffee. Tar built a real relationship with villagers and farmers in his hometown to make sure that producers access an important information, knowledge of farm management and creating a good environment for coffee growing. Tar also has been working with other producers in Omkoi district to extend his vision to help farmers and that giving us a huge privilege to access really high quality of coffee. School Coffee and Akha Ama Coffee are working closely to reach an important information that we could deliver the value and outstanding quality for consumers.           Coffee cultivation under a native forest in Tar's community.       
     Tar aimed to establish SOFT Coffee to promote a sustainable coffee cultivation and production. We really admire his works and inspired many producers to uplifting a living quality of coffee people. The process of his creation and data collection for coffee processing are very clear to apply, especially for farmers who are aiming to change their practices to sustainable coffee cultivation.

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