Origin: Kalayaniwattana Village
Region: Kalayaniwattana, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Elevation: 1,200 meters above sea level

Behind the bean
            Saenchai is the young gentleman from Pangkhon, Chiang Rai province. He was born and raised in Akha indigenous family. His family is involving in coffee field for nearly 20 years and he has been helping the family to lift coffee quality at their plantation for more than 10 years. Saenchai always loves to share his coffee with friends and villagers by introducing a good method to improve production, harvest, processing and even plantation management. His coffee was gaining huge credits from many roasteries and coffee lovers in Thailand. He is still giving his effort to experiment many techniques to present good coffee characteristics.
             Every year he would introduce many processes for us to cup and always surprise us with something new that only could find from his processing plant. Saenchai does many activities with local farmers and especially the past several years after he married with the Karen lady from Kalayaniwattana village, Chiang Mai province. His wife is from coffee family like him and that made perfect combination to enhance his dreams for making coffee even better beans. As he loves to put many ideas into his processing experiment, therefore, he could present many coffees from basic production process like Washed, Honey and Natural, but he did not stop to extend more techniques into his coffees like Anaerobic fermentation, aerobic fermentation, yeast fermentation, applying low temperature low humidity system or even combine them into one process.
              And that is the reason why many coffee connoisseurs love his coffees. However, we could see a huge potential to work with him to extend his aspiration and inspiration to many more famers in Thailand to improve their skills, the varietal, farm management, harvesting and processing. We could see his coffee will be shined on specialty coffee market and his works will be inspiring to many more people, especially to those young farmers. In 2021, we received his anaerobic natural coffee with amazing tastes with super clean and lively!

Special note about Saenchai
            Saenchai always produce very outstanding coffees and that is the reason why his coffee was nominated the important prizes from coffee competition. His coffee was selected for 10 best award-winning coffees that organized by Specialty coffee association of Thailand ( SCATH ) 
2019 : 9th Place
2020 : 7th Place
2021 : 7th Place