Origin : Maejantai village  
Region : Maesuai, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Elevation : 1300 meters above sea level

Behind the bean
    Shi Yo is first generation in first family to grow coffee. He has been working with Akha Ama for 10 years and producing amazing washed coffee. He has several farms in Maejantai village and cultivated traditional varietals introduced by Royal Project under King Rama 9 project. His coffee was awarded the 2nd runner up of 10 Best Specialty Coffee of Thailand 2020 given by Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand.
    His is farming with the great philosophy of sustainable farming and integrated system. Therefore, his farms are growing fruits, tea, native trees and vegetables for family. With this privilege, the cup quality of his coffee is fabulous and inspiring many farmers for growing good coffee.
    Today, his sons & daughters are involving in family coffee processing and coffee entrepreneurship by working with us and also establishing family estate called Akha Abu Coffee.
Special note about Shi Yo
    The 2nd runner up award winning for the 10 best specialty coffee of Thailand 2020. With our conversation, he is aiming higher for better quality coffee this year, so, his family is fully energized and excited about their coffee that harvested in beginning of 2021.