Origin : Doi Chaang Village
Farmer : Chalee Yokruji
Elevation : 1300 Meters
Bean Story
    Chalee is the first generation of the family who started to cultivate coffee. He is growing coffee in one of the biggest coffee producing villages in Thailand called Doi Chaang. Coffee is the main produce to his family for 27 years and he has 4 children Jenny, Johnny, Nikom and Mika and everyone is involving in coffee industry.
    Jenny is the first child in the family and has been working with Akha Ama Coffee for 10 years. While Mika 2nddaughter of family married to coffee family and continue her journey to produce specialty coffee for us. For both Johnny and Nikom are helping Chilee to cultivate more varieties of coffee and enhance coffee quality in Doi Chaang. Johnny was working for Akha Ama Coffee 6 years before extending his coffee skills by working at coffee shop in Australia.
    Johnny is focusing on the primary stage of coffee production and believe that good quality coffee always starts from cultivation and process. Johnny is now working with Chalee closely to ensure the processing quality before giving to their customers. And the year 2020, Johnny helps Chalee to enhance 3 coffee processes which are Washed Process, White Honey Process and Natural Hydro Honey Process. In 2021, Akha Ama Coffee Thailand will roast all processes of his coffee and introduce to Akha Ama Japan.