Origin : Baanmai Pathana ( also known Huay Mae Riam )
Region : Mueang, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Elevation : 1300 meters above sea level
Behind the bean
    A-Ngo is the first generation of family cultivated coffee. His family is belong to Akha indigenous group living in Baanmai Pathana village, Mueang , Chiang Rai , Thailand. He has the son called Ben who is helping him for all coffee processing. Traditionally all his coffees were processed with wet method or washed process. The coffee in his farm was grown in 1985 with very first coffee trees that in Thailand. A-Ngo and family are cultivating many crops like plum, peach, tomato and vegetables in the same farm.
    The intercropping or integrated farming system create many opportunities for him to generate regular incomes. He works with Akha Ama to improve the quality of coffee production for both quality and quantity. He coffee is well accepted by many coffee roasters in Thailand and brew at many coffee bars in Thailand.
    The agricultural technique in his hometown is very sustainable and works along with the national regulation to protect the natural resources like water and forest.  
Special note about A-Ngo        
    A-Ngo is easy happy person and always curious to develop a coffee processing. His coffee became more popular among coffee lovers who love delicate washed process coffee. He also wish to encourage his son ( Ben ) to enjoy the new coffee process in 2021.