Anusorn Chuepa ( Sorn )

Story of Anusorn
Anusorn or many coffee people called him Sorn. He was born and raised in small village called Maejantai, Chiang Rai, Thailand. He earned degree from university and experienced the first occupation in oversea country.
            His motivation and passion of raising community for sustainable living through coffee is very strong. He always finds opportunity to learn more about quality coffee production and that earns a lot of reputation to promote his produce. However, Sorn also believe in integration of multi-cropping agriculture to ensure that his family will generate regular incomes every season. To maintain sustainable living of many coffee farmers, it is very important to design the economy landscape and generation engagement to encourage the whole system will be energized and synergized at the same time. We still remember a high quality of coffee that processed by his dad (Shita) and one day Sorn has to responsible for all processing station after his dad left for heaven. However, Sorn is not concentrate only how to process a high quality of green coffee, but also how to improve the origin such as growing typica varietal which he loves so much.

His Coffee
We heard and seen people admired in his quality of coffee not only for good cup, but about his intention to extend varietal coffees, techniques for better processing and maintaining the consistency of delivery a sustainable farming. His farm grows many varietals such as Java, bourbon, Typica, Sunda Geisha, and Jember or S-288. His plantation skills and coffee processing inherited from his dad ( Shita ) who was known widely among coffee people in Thailand. Therefore, the beauty of his coffee is not just established and as the young coffee person he loves to extend many more ideas and enhance potential coffee innovations at the origin level.

             Working with someone like Sorn is very inspiring and see real impact from delivering stories from his community to all customers. Nevertheless, he mentioned the challenges like climate change and global warming are impacting his coffee production. We could really see his worry , but multi-cropping and integrated agriculture in his community are saving many coffee plants from drought, frost and too much of rain.

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